• Steve Hoblyn

More about the Bear

Mostly the story and emotion behind all this is in the article What's the Story of the Inner Child Bear, but that’s mainly an article about the bear, or me, or you, or who? The rest of the background is this.

Imagine if you’d had a sudden and painful breakdown and were finding your way back out of the resulting depression, working with a therapist almost twice weekly on topics around childhood trauma dating back almost forty years and it’s relevance to more recent events and triggers in your life, there might likely be a significant driver in those conversations to find the earliest safe and ‘normal’ frame of reference to build upon?

For me this was precisely the case. My reference point in those conversations was of a little boy who had turned five years old only 15 days earlier, who's mum was calling him into the kitchen to tell him something important, and who had no idea he was just about to learn of the death of his father to a brain haemorrhage a few hours earlier following a second failed kidney transplant, and who was subsequently about to lose many others in his family over the coming decade. My inner child got locked away on 10 February 1979 but came back into the world unwelcomed and hurting on 29 July 2016.

Inner Child as a concept and as a business idea was important to me last year as I rediscovered mine and much more about myself through therapy, coaching, studying, meeting a spectrum of incredible people I didn't know existed, and at the same time helping other people to find something special and unique in themselves through conversations, companionship, and sometimes indeed formal coaching. It has since become much more meaningful as I talk more to people whose inner child, as the psychotherapeutic definition has it, is 'hidden in adulthood', potentially by expectations and fears, and they want a way of finding their true selves again.

Additionally, and quite practically, it is also fair to say that available domain names around Inner Child were pretty limited so finding one’s Inner Child resonated particularly well at the time. It’s now though mainly referenced as findtic as I’m on Twitter a lot; @findtic, and hence the additional url now in place of

So there you go!

More on my personal story and the journey I’ve followed in 2018. In particular how, although unwelcomed back in the summer of 2016, my 5 year old self and I are now great friends; but we've had to work at it, talk a lot, trust the process and each other, however painful at times, just like in every good and healthy relationship.