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Dear friends


..and so it was about time I created a personal website separated from my work ( where I could share more detail around the journey I've been on, the resources and people that have helped me, and the communities I'm attached to. There are direct feeds from my Twitter and Instagram accounts which I use much more regularly now and through which I have found a wonderful and supportive world of people who are also walking their own paths.


My biography and my writing here are much more personal and more like the journalling I've grown to love and rely on over the past few years. This is a place where I can write more freely and share my highs and lows, laughter and tears. There is also a book in the writing but it will take a journey of its own due to the sensitive and painful nature of much of the content.


The articles and resources I include, especially the reading recommendations, will update regularly as I learn more, read more, meet new and incredible people, and find new fascinating insights as I follow my curiosity and suggestions from those I meet along the way. I may even post the odd vlog now and then!

This is a place to visit at your leisure so you can learn more and maybe even be inspired to read, watch or do something different to what you're doing now.


I've realised that trying and failing and getting back up to try again is such an important lesson in life. I've also realised the value of perseverance, of positivity, of choosing love and forgiveness over fear and blame.


For those that have fallen by the wayside: 


“If only we could be strangers again.”

- Collateral Beauty


For those that are on the journey with me:

“Rivers know this: there is no hurry. We shall get there some day.” - Winnie the Pooh


With love

Steve x


It is always good to talk, so here are my details, use whatever best works for you.

Steve Hoblyn 
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